Why Choose Lee Property?

Essential Property Insight.

For us, it is about bringing market leading property insight, knowledge and problem-solving skills to our clients and applying that skill and knowledge to ‘add value’ to all their property related matters.

For most of our clients, whether they be individuals, corporate or Government, their property holdings are a significant part of their asset and wealth base.

By nature, most property assets have complexities relating to things such as title structure, easements, covenants and restrictions on the use of the land, complex commercial lease agreements and rent review clauses, building compliance issues, changing demand and supply issues, and regulatory changes (i.e. Negative Gearing or Capital Gains Tax) which affect many aspect of property ownership.

At Lee Property, our experienced Valuers and Advisors work through these issues and explain to you the impact on your assets and what strategies can be developed and applied to turn problems and issues into more stable and valuable asset holdings.

Regional Expertise

Lee Property is the Largest independent property Valuation and Advisory company within Gippsland, and we have significant resource capacity and knowledge within both the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley regions.

Over the past 10 years we have physically inspected approximately 200,000 properties, and are presently conducting in excess of 15,000 separate valuation and advisory instructions annually.

We have extensive expert knowledge across the residential, commercial, retail, industrial, tourism, development and rural/agribusiness markets within these regions.

Our evidence-based property research and strategy provides you with the necessary insight to make essential decisions on your individual property or portfolio.

Your Privacy and Data Security

We value your privacy and your data.

Lee Property is independently Certified to ISO27001; this is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) for data security and data management.  We are also compliant with the articles European Union General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR).

Lee Property is presently the only property valuations and advisory company that is independently certified to compliance with ISO 27001.

This is a significant and market leading achievement for Lee Property.

Our Technology

We were early adopters of cutting edge technology in residential and commercial valuations to enable your report to be delivered to you quickly as possible.

Over the past 4 years Lee Property has moved aggressively towards a more digitally based operation system.  This has largely been achieved via the adoption and implementation of the ‘ValuePro’ software platform.

‘ValuePro’ has greatly assisted us in establishing a highly functioning, fully leverageable digital operating platform for the provision of our services to our clients. It has enabled us to dramatically increase our efficiency and productivity, reduce bottlenecks, remain competitive and importantly has helped our company to move towards a paperless work environment.

Overall this means more efficient and better value service provision to our clients.

‘ValuePro’ is recognised worldwide by clients and is now being used in the UK, Middle East, Africa and Asia. You can read more about ‘ValuePro’ here.

Customer Service

Lee Property understands the importance of customer service and the need to not only provide an accurate valuation report but make the occasion a pleasant experience for all parties involved. It is indoctrinated in all staff from our Client Support Staff through to the valuers that whenever contact occurs with the client, tenant, broker etc, it should be a positive experience.

We strive to always:

  1. Be on time to a scheduled appointment
  2. Treat our customers respectfully
  3. Follow up on feedback
  4. Handle complaints promptly and with due respect
  5. Understand our customers’ requirements
  6. Exceed customer expectations
  7. Go out of our way to help them.

Customer service is promoted at all company meetings and training in this area is always encouraged and supported. Any positive or negative feedback received from clients are always communicated directly to the staff member involved. We find that this is a great motivator for those doing it well and an opportunity for continuous improvement on those that could do better.