Gippsland Life Style

It is not just rural living, it is Gippsland.

Stretching from outer Melbourne to the eastern-most point of Victoria, Gippsland covers a vast number of living lifestyles, from kilometre upon kilometre of unspoilt beaches to country acreage nestled near vast pristine rainforests, with some of the best snow skiing runs in Australia.  Truly nature’s playground.

The finer things in life are available through all of Gippsland.   Ask any local about the Gippsland life style! Art and cultural festivals, theatres, and the fresh gourmet food and local wines on the menus are more than equal to anywhere in the world.

Weekends are filled with all types of sports and recreational activities from netball, basketball, soccer, football, fishing, surfing, water-skiing, snow boards, swimming and bushwalking.

There are employment opportunities in many industry sectors including the wineries, agriculture, forestry, dairy, fishing, tourism, engineering, finance, health care and education.

In Gippsland you can build and enjoy a life like nowhere else.

Some of the personal benefits of country living are:

  • More privacy in the countryside there’s a good chance your nearest neighbour won’t be directly next door. You may not even be able to spot their home at all!
  • A bigger garden. If you’ve always wanted to grow your own food or have more space for the children, this is a huge benefit.
  • Able to own pets that you may have always wanted, but couldn’t have owned in a city or town, for example cows, llamas and horses. You could even have chickens so you can have your own free-range eggs.
  • You and your family will be more exposed to the various wildlife of the area.
  • Decreased stress level, without having to beat the rat race every day. By decreasing the number of people surrounding you, and the traffic you’ll be more relaxed.
  • You’ll have cleaner air in the country; an instant health benefit!

Gippsland really does have it all – home to the largest inland freshwater lake system in the southern hemisphere, pristine beaches (90 miles of them) and the rugged beauty of the Victorian High Country, strong commercial centres with retail, healthcare and high quality school facilities and to top it off, a lower cost of living.

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