Training Opportunities

There’s nothing worse than working somewhere that expects you to do your job but didn’t give you the tools to do it!

Orientation and Onboarding
At Lee Property it starts with orientation to your new role where you are partnered with a staff member and led though the knowledge you need to commence your job.

  • Meeting your colleagues
  • Lee Property mission, vision, and values
  • Lee Property Corporate culture
  • Organisational structure and leadership team introduction
  • Completing your new hire paperwork
  • Getting you settled with your computer logins, telephone, email setup.
  • Reviewing the key corporate policies

The next step is your orientation. Contrary to a very common misconception, orientation and onboarding are actually different types of training.  

Lee Property recognises that orientation training is a one-time session delivered to everyone in the company, whereas onboarding training is a series of department-specific sessions that take place over a longer period of time.
Our onboarding is tailored to you as each person is unique in their skill sets and prior working experience.

Effective and successful onboarding training gradually brings you up to speed much quicker than if you are left to fend for yourself.  

Technical Skills Development Training
Technical skills training is a fundamental component because it’s the main way you will know how to complete your work and keep up with improvements.

Technical skills development programs are included in onboard training and advanced training to existing employees to keep them up to date.  We encourage you to expand your skills and continue communication on what training you may require. This will help to develop the skills and knowledge that you need to fulfil you roles to the best of your abilities.

Soft skills development training
We act as a team and have an inclusive culture. Soft skills training is important so that we can interact effectively and harmoniously in the workplace, with co-workers, management and clients.

To find out more about our on-the-job training opportunities, contact us today.