Corey McMahon from Lee Property: Keynote speaker at the API 2019 National Conference 23 October 2019

Corey McMahon has been invited to present a case study on implementation of ISMS systems in a Valuations environment.

The trends for privacy and data security are increasing across all sectors and certainly impacting the Valuations industry.

Lee Property have always maintained very tight internal controls, however the company wanted to formalise these into a recognised Information security management system (ISMS) and make the framework elastic so that it could be updated with future client and legislative changes.

Corey explains the strategic approach to building the ISMS system, “The system had to be flexible enough to add emerging client and legislative standards. It had to incorporate all the elements and controls required currently.  It had to be embedded in the business system and not be “bolted” on. It had to have as minimal impact as possible on client service delivery and current operations, while being implemented. It had to add value to the business.”

It was important to resource a skill set for systems with a pragmatic approach to embedding into our operations. We embarked on an ambitious and accelerated project which was strongly supported from our staff up to top management.  Corey said’ “This could not have been done without the grass roots support and enthusiasm of our staff.”

Lee Property achieved certification to ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2018 in October 2018.

This year the API National conference incorporates the World Association of Valuation Organisations (WAVO) 10th Congress – Engineering the Valuation Profession, as well as a dedicated Plant and Machinery Valuation Stream.

For more information on the API 2019 National Conference on the Gold Coast 23-25 October 2019, go to API website